As we step into a new era, we are constantly experiencing a growing challenge. The latest buzz word in our professional diction has been ‘Skills’ and ‘Opportunity’. We always wondered, what seems to be the pain area Is it lack of ‘Opportunity’ OR absence of ‘Skills’. Let’s say, both are a valid rationale behind our concerns. Are we to wait for things to change on its own...? The answer in most likelihood would be a resounding NO.
Before we dive deeper, here are some facts to ponder upon.

  • The number of Graduates India produces every year is equivalent to the population of Switzerland
  • The employability penetration especially in Non-IT Sector in India is between 10% - 16%
  • There is a huge gap between Demand & Supply. And this gap is not because of lack of ‘Opportunities’. The gap is primarily because of ‘Skillset’ disparity

All these facts point towards a severe contradictory scenario we are facing and that’s something alarming.
Jobmela.Online is a catalyst combining the 2 key factors ‘Opportunity’ & ‘Skills’. We aim to create a platform to bridge the gap between Employers & Job Seekers. And most importantly, we intend to transform the Skill Demographics of the job seekers to make them a ‘Potential Employee’.


We are very experienced in providing courses in English(communication), Digital Marketing, Java etc.


We organize jobmelas all over India. In each jobmela, 50+ Companies has participated. We are connected with many MNC and core companies.


We provide a wide variety of training opportunities for unemployed youth to enhance competencies in various sectors.

Despite being university graduates, a vast majority of the youth is unable to get career opportunities. That’s mainly because of lack of some key skills such as

  • Communication
  • Cognitive
  • Interpersonal
  • Behavioural Etiquette
  • Problem Solving
  • Negotiation

Jobmela.Online is meant to not only facilitate opportunities for the job seekers but also upskill them on the key competencies that an organisation looks for.

Our role for Job Seekers:
  • One platform for periodic employment drive
  • Multiple location service
  • Zero Fee registration
  • Technology driven platform
  • Fool-proof process
  • Network of 200+ top notch corporates
  • Multi-sector presence
Our role for Employers:
  • Vast database of candidates
  • Dynamic database update
  • 100% technology driven operations
  • Fool-proof process
  • Complete accountability and controllership
  • Periodic updates